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About LTC 80 Tickets

  • Source your tickets under LTC80 from agents authorized by AIR INDIA / INDIAN AIRLINES (NACIL) or the airlines reservation office only. Generally all IATA accredited agents are authorised by AIR INDIA / INDIAN AIRLINES (NACIL) to sell LTC80 air tickets.
  • Check if the tickets provided are issued as per LTC80 fare rules. All tickets under LTC80 are booked in G or Q Class. Tickets booked under LTC80 prominently reflects LTC80 or LTCQ FARE BASIS. Please Note that Just G or Q class booking (with Fare Basis other than LTC80 or LTCQ) doesn't ensure that tickets are issued under LTC80 rules.
  • Make sure that your Office and ID card details are endorsed on the ticket.
  • As per the information available till date, LTC80 tickets CAN’T be issued ONLINE through the airline or other agent's websites.
  • Verify from the airline if the tickets are genuinely issued as per LTC80
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